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     The reviews are in...

     "My three-year-old son has always been fond of music since he was a baby.  He has been in several wonderful toddler music classes in the Bay Area, so we wanted to continue music classes when we relocated to Sacramento. I happened to stumble across Sacramento Piano Conservatory's website, which advertised music classes for young children.   I spoke to Tanya, who was super friendly and we signed him up for group classes the following week.

"My son has loved his music classes since he started.  The teacher is amazing with children his age!  He is so eager to learn and asks me all week when he will get to go to music class again. He sings, plays musical instruments, learns rhythm and has a blast!  He stays interested in the lesson the entire time he is in class and is learning so much. I am so happy we found these classes. I highly recommend the Sacramento Piano Conservatory!" -- Dena C.

     "I would recommend the Sacramento Piano Conservatory to music students of ANY age or level of experience. The facility is impressive with many nice instruments, ample space for wonderful recitals, and an amazing Steinway Grand!" -- S. Eisenrich

     "I have been playing piano for almost 8 years and 3 years ago I moved from Israel to Sacramento for a period of 2.5 years for a job. During that time I joined SPC - which gave me the most wonderful experience of both meeting new people in a foreign country and learning music at the same time.  I always felt so welcomed and encouraged during my lessons.   I originally decided to start playing piano to escape my daily stresses (having a stressful job in Hi-tech) and learning in SPC achieved exactly that. I always ended my lessons with a smile on my face and that is (usually) the first sign that you are in the right place doing the right thing....  I couldnt ask for a better teacher, both professionally and personally.  I really miss the time I spent there.  So - don't think twice - join today!" -- C. Koren

     "I am an older student who began my first piano lesson about 15 months ago. At the time I began I just wanted to learn the basics of playing the piano. But the lessons were so engaging, and were interlaced with information about music theory, that I have kept coming back for more lessons. My teacher has given me confidence and the skill set so that I have learned to play the piano even though I am 61 years old. Thank you for this gift." -- Eugene P. Haydu

     "My experience at the Sacramento Piano Conservatory was very positive.  I had never played a piano as a child and did not know one thing about reading music or locating the notes on the keyboard.  It was amazing to see myself progress from week to week, playing real songs that I really liked.  The teacher provided a lot of theory and explanations that made the lessons more worthwhile.  It goes to show you that even someone in their seventies can learn to play the piano with the right instruction." -- Judy Press

     "Tanya is very knowledgeable about music, and enjoys passing this down to her students.  She is very accommodating, understands who you are, and helps you achieve your musical goals.  She helped prepare me for my college audition, I found her to be very encouraging, and in tune with how I was progressing towards it.  I would recommend her to any student who is serious about improving, specifically in the areas of producing beautiful sound, developing a strong technique, and understanding how to interpret music from different styles and time periods." -- Michael Sisler

     "My son, who is 10, has been taking lessons from Tanya for the last three years and we couldn't be happier with his progression and the love of piano that Tanya has helped to instill in him. I, myself, took lessons from Tanya as a teenager and knew exactly who to take my son to as he became old enough for lessons. She has a talent beyond definition and her passion for music has had an enormous impact on my son. I can’t stress how happy we are to have her as our sons teacher and strongly recommend her to anyone looking to develop their love, interest or curiosity for piano. She is wonderful!" -- Allison L.

     "Tanya is knowledgeable and a true professional in her field. She is dedicated and talented. Her patient and approachable demeanor makes children feel comfortable in her presence. My daughter can't WAIT to attend her lesson each week. My daughter has an enlightening experience with Tanya! The classical music training and basic theory Tanya teaches is an education that is priceless." -- Heather W.

     "Tanya is not only very knowledgeable and detailed in her instruction methods, but more importantly she is enthusiastic and shares her love of the piano with her students. Lessons are a very personal experience because she communicates so well." -- Steve Elias

     "We highly recommend Ms. Tanya's program. Our 7 year old daughter has been taking lessons from Ms. Tanya for about 8 months and we have seen our daughter bloomed in her piano skills. Ms. Tanya has a very warm and caring personality but at the same time challenges our daughter in every lesson. My 3 year old just recently started taking lessons too, and we have been amazed as to how fast he is learning to play. Both children look forward to their lessons with Ms. Tanya." -- Lilia Y.

     "Tanya is a wonderful teacher. I am an adult beginner and she's very patient; her teaching style is very relaxed. I've also observed her teaching a class for young children and she's able to adjust her style to fit students' needs very well. Tanya's passion for music is evident, as is her enthusiasm in sharing it with her students." -- Julie N.

     "Tanya is a patient and professional teacher. She is very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about music. I would highly recommend her." -- Joanne M.

     "Ms. Tanya is an amazing teacher. My son began with Ms. Tanya when he was six after having tried lessons with a previous instructor. So we've been able to compare Ms. Tanya with another accomplished instructor and Ms. Tanya by far has been a better match for my now seven year old son. She communicates well with me. She is always on time for her classes. She does her best to accommodate scheduling. Her accounting is easy. Her studio is warm, inviting and distraction free. She is thorough to include theory, rhythm and counting techniques with the week's lesson, carefully reviewing with her student the week's material so that they are prepared to practice alone at home between classes. She makes sure not to allow the student to progress until they have mastered a level. She provides the students an opportunity to recital a couple times per year, in addition to repertoire classes which are included in the instruction fee. Ms. Tanya is a delight. She is firm but sweet and respectful towards her younger students, never talking down to them or being too rigid. She incorporates games and laughter into instruction. My son looks forward to his classes with Ms. Tanya, and I too am always happy to see her. We look forward to many years of studying under her professional and nurturing instruction. She is well worth her fee." -- Michelle T.

     "My daughter and I have been taking piano lessons with Miss Tanya for about 6 months and we are both truly enjoying working with her and learning a great deal. It is a relaxed and challenging atmosphere - a perfect combination! We feel lucky to have her as our teacher. As an adult I am learning techniques I never learned in other lessons and feel like it is helping me gain a much deeper appreciation and love of playing. My daughter (6 years old) is learning quickly and enjoys practicing most of the time!" -- Jennifer B.

     "My daughter has taken lessons from Tanya for three years. She loves Tanya, is motivated to practice on her own, and has steadily progressed every year. We especially appreciate Tanya's gentle, encouraging approach. With Tanya, music is fun, not a chore. I'm impressed with my daughter's progress, both with her playing and with music theory. She has even tried composing recently (at 9 years old!). I recommend Tanya without reservation to anyone." -- Linda R.

     "Tanya’s love of music is shared through gentle, patient, professional guidance during her student’s lessons. And, as a teacher, Tanya leads by example. Her students have opportunities to see their teacher in action at her recitals". -- Carol Herbert (grandmother of 10-year-old student)

     "My daughter tells me Tanya is a good teacher and she really enjoys her lessons. Tanya’s gentle influence has led to steady improvement in my daughter’s skills! They have an easy and warm relationship that has resulted in my child always ready and willing to practice. I highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor." --Linda Roberts (mother of 8-year-old student)

     "Our daughter has been taking lessons from Tanya for two years and we are very pleased with her progress. Tanya is very patient and motivates our daughter to showcase her talents. We would definitely recommend Tanya to others." --Mike Thompson (father of 9-year-old student)

     "I love Tanya, she is a great teacher. She makes music so much easier for me to practice. She also helps me learn new things that are hard for me." -- Debby He (10 year old student)


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