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A Message from the Founder

     The Sacramento Piano Conservatory is the manifestation of my highest vision! As a concert pianist and private teacher for many years, I have loved teaching piano to students young and old, beginning and advanced….and everywhere in between. It has been challenging and most rewarding, and I have learned a lot! In all of my years of teaching and performing I have noticed one thread which binds all music students together, whether they are talented beyond belief and will obviously be wildly successful in a music career, or if they struggle to read music or play with correct rhythm and will likely move on to have expertise in science or business. That thread is the love and feeling for music – that is, the feeling they have in their heart for song, and the desire to express that feeling. Music is, after all, the human expression of felt experiences – feelings made manifest.

     When I came to understand this common thread I realized what an honor it is to be a music teacher, and how carefully I must deal with each special and unique personality who comes to me for lessons. The words I choose, the guidance I give, the manner in which I instruct—all of these will deeply affect the student’s experience of music, and by extension their personality and their entire life experience. I know that when a student comes to their weekly lesson it is perhaps the highlight of their week! This was true for me when I was a taking piano lessons. I am just as excited to meet my students each week and to inspire their creativity, as they are to be there.

     As my private teaching studio grew beyond the capacity of my home based studio, I searched for a larger space to hold my vision of a growing school of music which would base its teaching philosophy on this cornerstone of love and caring, nurturing and inspiration. Never using fear tactics or bringing the student down to reach the desired goals, but lifting them up with encouragement and understanding. It has always been my experience that students work harder when they are rewarded and understood, than when they are put down and made to feel less than. I trusted that I could find other teachers of the highest caliber, who believe as I do, and would agree to teach with this common thread as our mission statement. Thus the Sacramento Piano Conservatory was born! We are excited to continue to grow our staff, our student body, and our offerings of not only private lessons but group theory classes, MYC classes, repertoire classes, Adult Piano Club, chamber music workshops, recitals, master classes, and much more. And in all of these activities the thread of musical expression through love and understanding is our goal. My heart sings with joy when I step outside my studio door and I hear music and learning pouring from every room! I see families getting to know each other, and children playing music together while they are waiting for a sibling’s lesson. These are now the realities of what was once just a vision. It is my honor to be of service to the community in this precious way.

     I hope to meet you at the Conservatory!


Tanya Plescia
Founder and President
Sacramento Piano Conservatory, LLC


Music is the language of the heart. Music expresses our deepest feelings and heart’s desires, and connects us to each other with the most meaningful and memorable glue: melody and harmony. Have you ever noticed that when you hear an old song on the radio, you are completely transported to a time or place or situation from even your most distant memories? It is this mysterious energy and power - the power of music - that is the backbone of the teaching philosophy at the Sacramento Piano Conservatory. We are all born with music in our souls, and some of us yearn to pour that music out. Children are so naturally musical. Babies sing and dance without ever being prompted, without ever learning how. They just know. They just do it.

     This innate musical ability, the natural musician in each one of us, never dies. Nurturing the growth and development of the musical personality within each of us is the spirit and unified goal of all the teaching and programs here at SPC. We take our greatest joy in watching the music bloom and blossom from a student, like the unfolding of a beautiful flower. Of course, the basics of musicianship must be taught: proper technique, understanding of classical theory and harmony, performance of the great repertoire of the masters, and the discipline of daily practice. These are the tools of any great musician. But the true master of music understands how to use these tools to bring out the unique voice within him or herself. This is how we teach. We teach the student to find their own voice at the piano. The piano is simply an extension of their own voice -- their vocal chords with strings and hammers and wood and felt! It is truly an honor for us to have the privilege and service of bringing this gift out of our students. It is their gift. We are simply a guide to its expression.
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