I am registering for Cupcakes & Composers.

*The event fee ($25.00) will be added to your invoice in the month preceding the event date. Once payment is received, you will be officially added to the event roster and confirmation will be emailed to you.

I consent and authorize Sacramento Piano Conservatory, LLC to capture, use, reproduce, and distribute images, video, and audio recordings of my child, including his/her musical performance or quoted statements, for promotional and educational purposes. I agree that use of such images and recordings may personally identify my child by name, unless I notify Sacramento Piano Conservatory, LLC otherwise in writing, and are without any compensation to me or my child. I agree to waive and release any and all claims related to the use of these images and recordings. Sacramento Piano Conservatory, LLC owns the sole copyright to the images and recordings taken by Sacramento Piano Conservatory, LLC.

I agree to take video and screenshots of my child only. I understand that I may not share, distribute, or post pictures or videos of any students besides those designated on this form in any public forum, including social media, or privately, and that legal action may be taken to address violations of this policy. *